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Warembo Ni Yes Launches!


‘Warembo Ni Yes!’ was first conceived by Bunge la Mwananchi‐Women’s Social Movement ‐ an organic movement whose key objective is to give a voice to women in Kenya who otherwise do not have a platform to express their views on issues such as constitutional review, good governance, public service delivery, corruption, human rights, development and freedom of information. Organized in form of grassroots caucuses and congresses, the movement is a unique Kenyan innovation where public debates on topical issues are discussed in the open.

In early May 2010, the Bunge women shared the idea of a campaign focused on young women with a group of other young Kenyan feminist activists. These Ideas were then shared with a few more young women, representing various sectors (NGO’s, lawyers, donors, artists, musicians, religious leaders, students, women’s groups, sexual minorities, disability rights groups, etc.). The group first met on May 17th, from which point ‘Warembo Ni Yes’ has taken a life of its own, going from conception to reality in a matter of days. We see this as an opportunity to build a diverse, sustainable, visible, and powerful movement of young women in Kenya, via the constitutional reform agenda.

Our Vision:

As young women we envision a Kenya where everyone has access, power and freedom.

Our Goal:

To mobilize the power of young women to determine their future, by understanding their increased rights in the proposed Constitution of Kenya, and voting Yes!

Who We Are:

We are a movement of young and diverse women supporting the proposed Constitution of Kenya. We are non‐partisan and from all walks of life. We represent different economic backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, races and abilities.

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3 thoughts on “Warembo Ni Yes Launches!”

  1. Zawadi says:

    Our slogan in Kiswahili "Uwezo ni Wetu, Wakati ni Sasa!" means, "The Power is Ours, the Time is Now!" Thanks for profiling Warembo Ni Yes! Due to unavoidable circumstances, including the fact that we are still trying to mobilize financial resources, and the fact that Joe Bidden just arrived in Kenya, we are postponing the official launch till the weekend, or early next week, when we can actually get some media attention. In the meantime though, we are going ahead with our community forums. We had our first civic education event on Sunday, and it rocked! Please follow us on twitter and find us on facebook. Our website should be up and running by early next week – You can also check out pictures we have taken of the campaign building process so far

    1. Purity says:

      Well done! I am available to help out in any way, give me a shout. aluta continua

  2. Carole Nyambura says:

    Go !Go! Run! Run!
    Its refreshing to hear and see young women rising up to shape their destiny. Indeed it is a high time that young women in Kenya stood out to be counted…Warembo Ni Yes have shown one way to do that. My best wishes.

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