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Announcing Social Media Guide for Non-profits

In recent times, social media has become a very common term for non-profits, thanks to some great campaigns like in the Iran Election Crisis and Haiti Earthquake. These powerful campaigns began as a result of some urgent situation. However many non-profits are using social media in their day-to-day work to increase their visibility, gain more support as well as raise funds for their activities.

But do you still wonder how may be you can use it to increase the reach of your non-profit organization and activities you are involved with?

This is a must have comprehensive guide for every non-profit organization in order to learn:

  • How to use online tools to further your campaign or cause
  • How to raise fund for your latest initiative
  • How to mobilize a community using simple and freely available online tools

After a very successful workshop on social media for non-profits, we decided to  create a on-hand guide for non-profits to teach themselves. So here it is!

Well wonder no more! Feminist Approach to Technology brings you an invaluable publication ‘Social Media Guide for Non Profits’.

Click here to

Source: Feminist Approach to Technology

One thought on “Announcing Social Media Guide for Non-profits”

  1. I think this a great (and long overdue) that non profits are getting a social media guide for people to locate them easier. 🙂

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