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Strategising Online Activism: A Toolkit

16 thoughts on “Strategising Online Activism: A Toolkit”

  1. Gender inequality or disparity and violence of gender rights is oftenly encounter globally.

  2. Millicent Adede says:

    Action for Children Development Centre is a child centred organization working in Western Kenya and promotes the rights of children. I think this is a good idea that will help like minded organizations share ideas and network. Bravo!!

  3. ISPH says:

    Its nice work though……….would really appreciate….In my part of the world the net users are so less….that !

  4. This proves to be a great tool that is going to help amplify women voices. Women’s groups in Botswana are not skilled in advocacy so this is a positive move.

  5. Benon says:

    This merely promoting neo-colonialism. You’ll pay in the end even if it is after centuries!

  6. chigarire chigugudhlo says:

    As a woman, i support the idea that violence is not our culture.I do thank the association for progressive communications networking prgramme for introducing this programme.ICT’s and mobile tools help a lot to women because they are going to use them as communication tools. It is going to be easier for any woman to quickly communicate if ever she is in trouble. One can either use a phone to call the police or use the internet if time permits. So, its very important for any woman to have a cell phone or have e-mail addresses of relatives and friends.

    Women may form groups or women associations so that if one is in trouble she can inform the association through internet or by phoning, so, that the group can report the issue to the police if the victim is not able to meet the group. May be the victim is locked up and is under victimisation.

  7. Strategising Online Activism -a nice instrument to promote women human rights. To decrease the risk probability it is also helpful as I think . To make networking as a strong advocasy tool through Strategising Online Activism , may be a good combination.
    But as women of Bangladesh , I see poverty in all sense make women poorer to poorest , it needs tools , it needs support -physical -a solid resource -may be skill,culture, money , support , all – all and finally education …Strategising Online Activism may collect all these for our poorest women in Bangladesh -Organization for Women’s Development in Bangladesh is working for this from 1995 for cultural and economic empowerment of the organization and grass root partners –our loving women members , I hope all of you can join with usas a volunteer , as a supporter to sharpen the Strategising Online Activism tools , you most welcome to OWDEB , Bangladesh, As Chief Executive of OWDEB , me Shyamoli Mazumder will be very happy , if you stay with us for OWDEB.

    with love

    email us :
    Address : OWDEB
    Salam Building, Abdus Sobhan Residential Area,
    Shaheed para, Chandgaon , Chittagong, Bangladesh

  8. florence says:

    Thanks for the good idea, it will help us advance my women rights activist. Use of IT for Campaigns will enhance our work.
    Please put me in your systems
    Thanks in advance,
    Human Rights Activist
    From Kenya- Eastern province
    Working as coordinator, Justice and Peace Commission ( CARITAS Kitui)

  9. Edward Pakpahan says:

    Sir / Madam

    Who controls the information, then he will rule the world, this statement is not just rhetoric but facts. Online Strategising Activism as a communication tool for campaigning many human rights issues and women and be able to reach a global audience.

    Lembaga Sosial Demokrat or is named Institute of Social Democrats agree to join in advocacy through Strategising Online Activism as a communication tool for campaigning for many human rights issues and women.


    Edward Pakpahan

  10. Kafilat Oloyede says:

    This online tool will us in disseminating our messages to wider audience and it will expand our network of like minds.

    It will no doubt strengthen our advocacy efforts.

    Thank you.

  11. We are a community group working for children who are mentally challenged ,we provide them with skills plase help us to improve this .

  12. i intrest on line activism

  13. We are seeking for grants to support women projects .

    1. Nelly says:

      Hi Vicky! Unfortunately we are not a donor organization, therefore we cannot fund organizations such as yours. Please keep a look out for opportunities from other organizations that we will keep posting on the Wire!

  14. catfoundation says:

    My organization is interested in the toolkit for strategizing online activism. We would be glad to have the toolkit.



  15. Vaidehi Krishnan says:

    Dear Young Feminist Wire Team,

    I am interested in procuring this toolkit and would request you to email it to me as I am spearheading an organization working on women’s issues.

    Thanks, regards,

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