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Call for Registration: New E-learning Session: Resource Mobilization 101

In response to rising social unrest all over the world, more discussions are happening in online spaces such as Twitter and the blogosphere on effective organizing practices and how to build movements that lead to social change. This is an opportune time for women and especially young women to be engaging in these conversations from a feminist perspective.

The Young Feminist Wire is excited to present a series of four online e-learning sessions which explore:

  • concepts of women’s movements and movement building
  • characteristics of women’s movements
  • how women’s movements affect change with examples from different regions
  • the concept and practice of leadership in the context of movement building 
  • two key trends impacting women’s movements around the world: the rise of religious fundamentalisms; and   resource mobilization for women’s organizing


Join the Wire community today and take part in these important discussions.

Session 4: Resource Mobilization 101

Facilitators: Amanda Shaw and Angelika Arutunova

Date: 24th August 2011

Time: 9-11 am Standard Eastern Time (EST)

Participants: open to all Wire members with priority to young women

Resource mobilization is an essential part of sustaining and building movements and therefore plays an important role in shaping and developing women’s rights movements. At the same time, resource mobilization or fundraising, as it is more often called, cannot be perceived as separate from the other work and politics of an organization. Women’s organizations often struggle to effectively communicate the value and impact of their work, while at the same time, approaching fundraising from a competitive perspective rather than as a collective effort. This e-learning session addresses communication and fundraising as political processes. It explores the relationship between donors, funding organizations and women’s rights NGOs and our own personal relationships to money and other kinds of resources. There will also be discussion of challenges that women’s rights organizations and particularly initiatives organized by young women face in mobilizing the resources they need to do their work. It will offer an overview of the funding landscape for women’s rights, an introduction on how to mobilize resources and discuss where to look for fundraising and donor information. Examples and discussion in this session will focus on answering questions relevant to the funding landscape of young women.

NOTE: The sessions are open to Wire Community members only. If you are not a member of the Wire Community yet, then join us now to participate and to access reading materials and session power points.

Sessions will be conducted in English ONLY.

2 thoughts on “Call for Registration: New E-learning Session: Resource Mobilization 101”

  1. diandra says:

    I would love to take this but the time is difficult for PST folk!

  2. sahar says:

    To whom it may concern

    I registered in the website and want to join the training . How can I make sure that I am registered ?


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