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Social Media and the Girl Effect

Social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs have exploded amongst young activists especially with the increase of internet accessibility in the last few years. Many young activists and organizers have used these mediums to rally support and spread awareness about social justice.

On the one hand, the Arab uprisings have even been dubbed by some media as the Facebook and Twitter revolutions. On the other hand, the safety and security of online social media tools have been put to question with recent State crackdown on youth bloggers and internet censorship in Iran, Cuba and China. The debate on social media reached new heights when a Syrian Lesbian blogger was found to be an American man.

In this blogathon, we were curious to learn about the questions surrounding the use of social media. Is it a reliable source of information? How do we navigate it to make sure that it offers us more benefit than harm? And more importantly how have young women used social media to further women’s rights?

Read the full Storify we have created with all the submissions to the blogathon here.

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    Do you mind if I use your image (the one heading this post) in one post on my blog, which will be promoting young feminist wire? I’m scheduling the post to appear the 2nd of January. If I don’t hear from you by then, no worries, I won’t use it.

    🙂 either way, thanks! you’re doing great work.

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