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Announcing Young Feminist Activities at the AWID 2012 Forum in Istanbul

‘Ever wondered how economic power is impacting young women today?

Are you curious to find out what young women are doing to transform economic power and advance women’s rights?

Join the Young Feminist Activism Program Activities throughout the Forum to find out!’

Young women have always played a key role at AWID Forums and in 2012, we could not imagine an AWID Forum without young women being at the center of it. Read below about the different activities that we will be holding at the Forum!

Young Feminist Activism Day (YFA Day)

The Young Feminist Activism (YFA) Program is working with an Advisory Committee composed of 11 young women from diverse backgrounds to plan and hold a Young Feminists Activism (YFA) Day entirely dedicated to young women one day prior to the Forum. The YFA Day is going to include panels, interactive group work, as well as strategy sessions to discussion how young women can work to transform economic power to advance women’s rights. We only have a limited space for participants to attend the YFA Day but we will be working hard on transfering the discussions of YFA Day to the Young Feminist Wire.

We will be announcing participants, YFA Day agenda, and blogging about the conversations happening during YFA Day. If you are interested in following and are unable to attend, chime in through twitter and facebook and keep checking the Wire!

Young Feminists Corner (YFC)

The YFC is a community space for young women and allies to learn and engage with one another on issues and strategies for transforming economic power. Join us at the YFC for morning de-briefs, round-table discussions, and networking and art activities to learn about the discussions that happened during YFA Day and meet YFA staff, Advisory Board, and YFA Day participants! We are hoping to create a collective force to help highlight young women voices at the Forum and support allies in connecting and engaging with young women from all over the world!

Young Feminist Wire (YFW)

There are more young women who are NOT attending the forum than young women who are. The YFA team along with a group of volunteers at the AWID 2012 Forum will be playing the role of e-journalists by writing blogs, creating videos, uploading pictures, tweeting and using Facebook to spread the knowledge and information from the AWID 2012 Forum to hundreds of young women who are a part of the Young Feminist Wire online community!

Keep checking the Young Feminist Wire to learn all about what is happening at the AWID 2012 Forum!

We will be posting more information about the Forum regularly on the Wire, please check the AWID 2012 Forum section on the left sidebar of the Wire for updates and details. You can also contact us at for questions and inquiries.

3 thoughts on “Announcing Young Feminist Activities at the AWID 2012 Forum in Istanbul”

  1. Shunn Lei says:


    I would like to know how can I apply to this YFA activity, is there any sponsor to attend this event. I am very interested to meet with other young feminists and network with each other to work forward for women’s rights.

    Shunn Lei

  2. Matseliso Khesa says:

    I will be attending the AWID conference so i would like to know if it is possible to attend from Lesotho.



    1. Portia T. Loeto says:

      Hello Matseliso. My name is Portia, I’m from Botswana and will also be attending the AWID forum. Mme Mamosa from WLSA sent us an email to get in touch with Maisa so that she invites us to apply for the YFA day. I hope u saw it.Marisa then later sent an application form, that was to be filled and sent back to her.If you have not seen such correspondence do email me so that I email you the details.


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