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NEW Call for Registration: SECOND E-learning Session on Macroeconomics and Human Rights

Why MES with Human Rights?: Rethinking Macroeconomic Strategies from a Human Rights Perspective

A two part series webinar on macroeconomics and its impact on human rights

Last week, we held the first session on Fiscal Policy and State Obligation. If you are interested in attending the second session, please fill in the registration form BELOW.


What is macroeconomic policy? What are examples of how macroeconomic policies shape the realities of women’s lives?Understanding the overall impact of macroeconomic policies on human rights can be an effective tool in feminist activism. Participants will gain foundations to macroeconomics and explore the linkages between macroeconomic policies and human rights.

This webinar is open to activists working in the areas of women’s rights, economic and social justice, and the promotion of economic and social rights for all. Additionally, the webinar is directed at providing activists, academics, individuals, and civil society organizations with the skills and knowledge to 1) hold their governments accountable to human rights obligations, 2) influence economic policy, and 3) foster new feminist human rights approaches to macroeconomic policy making. The training will cover several topics, including linkages between the human rights framework, gender equality and the economy, macroeconomics, and global economic trends and governance.

This is a two part webinar series: the first part will focus on fiscal policy and state obligations while the second section is on monetary policy and strategies for transforming macroeconomic policies.

Please Note: The sessions are open to Young Feminist Wire Community members only. We have a limited capacity of 50 participants per session. Registration is on a first come first served basis so register ASAP. Priority will be given to young women members of the Young Feminist Wire however, the session is also open to individuals of all ages and generations.

If you are not a member of the Young Feminist Wire Community yet, join us now to participate and to access reading materials, resources, and session power points.


Session 2: Monetary Policy, Human Rights and Strategies for Transforming Macroeconomic Policy

Date: Wednesday, October 17th (8-10am EST)

Language: English

To participate in the e-learning session, you must be a Young Feminist Wire member. Click HERE to become a member of the Young Feminist Wire if you are not already a member.


9 thoughts on “NEW Call for Registration: SECOND E-learning Session on Macroeconomics and Human Rights”

  1. AUGUSTA says:

    i always look forward to the young feminist wire online activities, cus i always get motivated to work harder when i hear other women form around the world share their thoughts and experiences.

  2. Georgina Adhiambo says:

    Hope to be among the trainees

  3. Georgina Adhiambo says:

    Let’s work towards the rights of women

  4. brenda says:

    the page have really been so helpful to people of all nationan
    we owe you a lot of thanks

  5. Prerna says:

    So sad to see the registration is already closed. Will you be sharing the materials from the seminars or holding another one? I would love to learn how to use economic arguments to make a case for prioritizing human rights and women’s rights, specifically. Thanks for creating such forums!

    1. Jenna says:

      Hi. I also had the same query. Did you ever receive any documents or materials from the webinar?

  6. Silvia says:

    Too bad the registration is closed. I would have loved to have an insight on this topic. I really hope a new one will be held, so more of us can participate.

  7. Farida says:

    C’est le moment pour que les jeunes féministes prennent le relaie du militantisme dans la question de l’égalité Femme/ Homme ^_^

  8. Diakhoumba says:

    Too bad it is closed…Any waiting list?

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