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Join AWID In Commemorating Feminists And Women Human Right Defenders Who Are No Longer With Us

As part of the 16 Days Campaign Against Gender Based Violence (November 25 – December 10, 2013) AWID is building on our Tribute to Feminists and Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) who are no longer with us and whose contributions to the advancement of human rights are very much missed. The tribute was first launched at AWID’s 12th International Forum on Women’s Rights in Development, held in April 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. You can visit the online exhibit and read more about that commemoration here.

The new version of the tribute will take the form of an online photo exhibition to be launched on November 25th, Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and will end on December 10, International Human Rights Day.  Each day of the campaign we will feature the story of a WHRD on our website as well as through social media and link back to the full online exhibit which will commemorate and celebrate the work and lives of WHRDs who have passed away since January 2012.

We invite you to pay homage to the feminists activists and women human rights defenders at local, national, regional or international levels who are no longer with us, because they passed away or were killed or disappeared by sharing their photos and short biographies . The Tribute aims to honor these WHRDs and their work; raise awareness of the increasing levels of violence and repression faced by many WHRDs around the world; and highlight the need to politicize and support self-care, increased protection and safety for WHRDs. If you would like to share the profile of a feminist activist and or women human rights defender who has passed away or was killed or disappeared since January 2012, please send your submission by October 18, 2013 to with the subject line: AWID Tribute 2013. The email should include the following:

1. A short bio of the women activist you want profiled that is:

  • 6-8 sentences in length;
  • includes the name of the WHRD or feminist activist;
  • birth date and date of death/disappearance;
  • country of origin;
  • a short description and nature of the work she carried out;
  • an explanation of the circumstances of their death or disappearance
  • In the case of a WHRD who was killed or disappeared please give us an update on where the case stands today (has there been an effective investigation? Has anyone been prosecuted or brought to justice? Does the case remain in impunity?);
  • a link to any urgent action that might exist online with regards to the case

2. Along with the biography of the feminist and women human rights defenders, please send us a picture with the following specifications:

  • 4 inches X 6 inches or 10.16 centimeters X 15.24 centimeters
  • Resolution of 1200×1800 pixels (minimum)
  • If the picture is scanned, a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) or above
  • If the picture was taken with a digital camera, a resolution of 6 MP (megapixels) or above
  • The size of the attachment you send us should not be more than 5 MB (megabytes).
  • By sending this photo you are giving AWID permission to use the photograph

Please note that pictures downloaded from websites may not be of good quality for printing or audiovisual use and may infringe copyright. We encourage you to send us pictures from your cameras, albums, personal collections or with prior permissions from partner organizations.

Thank you for sharing the stories of the courageous women human rights defenders in your country or region. If you have any questions please e-mail us at

AWID especially encourages submissions concerning commonly marginalized and excluded groups, such as young women, disabled women, LGBTQI, indigenous

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