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Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance

TransgenderDaySource: Feministing

Because we still live in a world where only some people are protected from violence.

Because we still live in a world where you’re excused for committing violence against those who are considered less than.

Because you almost never hear about it when people who live at the intersections of margins are beaten, killed, or do violence to themselves.

Because we are so damn invested in the arbitrary, restrictive, invented rules of gender that we hurt and kill those who break them.

Because, as my brilliant colleague Jos Truitt wrote earlier this year, “There’s an epidemic of violence. There’s an epidemic of hate. There’s an epidemic of not fucking letting us be part of humanity.”

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance – a Day that isn’t even about all transgender people yet, just the ones who are the most privileged and considered most respectable, but a Day to commit to doing better.

Here’s a list of TDoR events: is there one in your area? 

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