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An interview with Feminist Style: Challenging rape culture one consent-themed underwear at a time

Feminist-Style_3 Amulya Sanagavarapu is the brainchild behind Feminist Style. She started Feminist Style because she wants to sell products that target sexism to promote gender equality, and use the proceeds to produce feminist advertising.

And, she’s hoping to do that by selling underwear that promote consent and sex positive messages that range from “Only Yes means Yes” to “Ask Me What I Like” as a counter to the misogynist and offensive messages like “No peeking” and “Ready for anything” that can be found embroidered on boy-shorts and thongs in many lingerie stores near you. The idea for launching this line of underwear came to Amulya after the group “FORCE: Upsetting rape culture” ran a “culture-jamming” website pretending to be Victoria Secret selling consent-themed underwear. FORCE’s prank made Amulya think: what if there really existed such products on the market?

To learn more about Feminist Style, listen to this interview with Amulya Sanagavarapu:

During the 16 Days to End Gender-Based Violence in 2013, the Wire’s Nelly Bassily wrote an opinion piece titled: “Why selling anti-rape wear perpetuates victim-blaming:

Now, we would like to hear from you? What do you think of developing and selling consent-themed underwear as opposed to anti-rape underwear? Can feminism really thrive through so-called “feminist products”? What kinds of feminist adverts would you like to see replace the pervasive ads that objectify women? As young feminists, what do you think of using consumerism to fuel feminist ideas into the mainstream? Tell us what you think. Leave a comment on this post on the Wire or on Facebook. (For Facebook and Twitter, please use hashtag #YFWire) You can also email us:

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