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Qahera – The hijabi superheroine (kicking misogyny's butt since 2013)

Qahera_sexualharassmentstripIt’s not everyday you read a comic-strip where the superheroine says in a speech bubble: “I can hear it! The sound of …mysogynistic bullshit!” In Arabic, Qahera means vanquisher, destroyer, omnipotent. It is also the name of a new Egyptian webcomic superheroine. Move over Wonder Women, there’s a new feminist comic-strip icon-in-the-making. Qahera opposes misogyny, fends off street harassers and tackles islamophobia. She boots into “high-gear” in situations where women are mistreated, taking control and trying to change the world in her own way. She also wears a hijab (the head-scarf worn by many muslim women)

Deena Mohamed is the creator and all-around webcomic extraordinaire behind Qahera. She’s a 19 year old graphic design student. And, the Young Feminist Wire caught up with Deena to talk about Qahera. Listen to the interview with the creator of Qahera;

To learn more about Qahera and read the comic-strips (in English and in Arabic, go to:

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