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Join FRIDA in Supporting Young Feminist Activism this International Women's Day

Dear Young Feminist Wire members,

This International Women’s Day, FRIDA, the Young Feminist Fund has launched an indigogo campaign to raise 15,000 dollars to support 3 unique and cutting-edge groups of young feminist organizers.

FRIDA’s 2 grant making cycles provided grants, resources and support to 30 groups of young women, girls and trans youth doing daring, critical and challenging work for gender justice and women’s rights in 26 different countries. FRIDA’s International Women’s Day indigogo campaign is a great opportunity to get involved in the FRIDA community and directly support young feminist activism globally. There are 17 days left to achieve their goal of 15,000 dollars.

To participate in the campaign, visit the FRIDA indigogo campaign page

Please disseminate widely, and get your networks involved!

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