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Turkish Women Use Twitter to Fight Sexual Harassment

TurkeySource: The New York Times


Thousands of Turkish women have taken part in a Twitter campaign to voice outrage at men who invade their space by spreading their legs while sitting next to them on buses and trains.

“Stop spreading your legs. Don’t occupy my space,” reads the campaign slogan, which was started by the Istanbul Feminist Collective and reverberated on the social network as women shared their experiences that related to the violation of personal space on public transit.

So many messages with the Turkish tags #bacaklarinitopla, “Stop Spreading Your Legs,” or #yerimisgaletme, “Don’t Occupy My Space,” appeared on Twitter that the campaign made it onto the network’s global list of trending topics.

Tugce Sarigul, a member of the collective, explained that the group started the campaign with an image taken on the New York City subway because it was the most striking example of the situation they found online. “This is after all a problem all over the world, and we wanted to use an image that explicitly relayed the point and would leave an impression,” she told The Lede.

Many of the tweets posted called for an end to harassment and included photographs to support their claims of widespread inappropriate behavior.

To read more of the tweets and see the pictures posted, visit the New York Times page

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