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Does This Sexist, Violent Video Make You Want to Vote?

mafalda_democracySource: Global Voices Online

Denmark’s government has officially retracted a violent and pornographic animated video [warning: graphic] that was created to encourage young people to vote in the European Parliament elections this month. The viral video featuring the fictional character “Voteman” was defended by the Speaker of the Danish Parliament, Mogens Lykketoft, this week as being “fairly innocent” and humorous. Now he concedes they should have considered the idea more carefully [da]. The video is still widely shared and discussed online, but critics insist there are more appropriate ways to interest young people in European politics than with images of decapitations and group sex.

The Young Feminist Wire would like to also take this discussion further in asking how on earth this misogynistic video even came to pass as something that could even remotely attract young voters. Why are paternalistic ways of talking to youth and young voters still being used? How, as young feminists, can we not only denounce such paternalistic views but put forward feminist examples of engaged young citizens and leaders? What are some positive, feminist examples of young people engaged in politics in your part of the world? Email us: or tweet/facebook your example using #YFwire.

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