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The Young Feminist Wire interviewed Momal Mushtaq, founder of  an online platform called The Freedom Traveller. The goal of The Freedom Traveller is to “connect and empower female travelers, especially from the countries where freedom of movement for women is restricted, with a platform where women of all nationalities and beliefs can actively network, share knowledge and resources, and map their experiences of travel.”

“For women to be empowered and able to thrive, they must be able to move. People talk about mobility, but they’re not talking about women’s mobility. At the individual level, when we talk about women’s mobility, we’re talking about being able to drive a car or go out at night, to be able to carry their goods to the market to earn a livelihood, to be able to swim to safety in a flood or tsunami. – Jan Peterson, Chair Huairou Commission”

Listen to the interview below to learn more where the idea for  The Freedom Traveller came from, why it’s important to talk about young women’s freedom of movement and how you can get involved.

What to learn more about Momal Mushtaq’s inspiring work and entrepreneurial spirit? She will be speaking on a panel at the Global Media Forum on July 1 2014. The Panel is called “Participation through self-education: A fishbowl session on how digital literacy enables young people to become change-makers”. The panel is hosted by the organizers of the Digital Participation Camp, an international initiative that draws young people together once a year to live, learn and work collectively to create new websites, apps and campaigns for social good.

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