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Sign the petition: Release Young Women Human Rights Defenders Immediately

Yara and SanaOn 21 June 2014, seven women human rights defenders (WHRDs) were arrested along with 16 other human rights defenders (HRDs) for peacefully protesting the Protest and Public Assembly Law in Heliopolis, Cairo. Those arrested include Yara Sallam, Sanaa Seif, Hanan Mustafa Mohamed, Salwa Mihriz, Samar Ibrahim, Nahid Sherif (known as Nahid Bebo), Fikreya Mohamed (known as Rania El-Sheikh).

The Protest and Public Assembly law essentially grants security officials and authority figures the discretion to ban any protest without justifying the grounds for banning them. It also allows police officers to forcibly disperse any protest, and sets heavy prison sentences for peaceful protest and expression. Help us put international pressure on the Egyptian government to release the WHRDs and HRDs!  They will be held in prison for the next 3 months until their hearing takes place in September.

Please join us in condemning the arrest and detention of these WHRDs and other HRDs in Egypt who are being persecuted for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful association.

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