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Teen rape survivor fights back against memefication of her assault


Jada poses with feminist fist in the air. She said: “There’s no point in hiding. Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am”. Photo via Twitter user @RonanDaily.

As a follow-up to the story we posted last week on our Facebook page called ‘Stand with Jada‘, today we found a new story that looks at the amazing strength and determination from Jada herself and her supporters online who helped her reclaim the horrific online taunting she had to go through when people mocked her by posting pictures of themselves mimicking the way Jada was passed out on the floor following her alleged rape using #JadaPose. She and others online have reclaimed the negative images by posting new and positive images and messages under the hashtags: #Jadapose, #jadacounterpose, #IamJada and #JusticeforJada. Young Feminist Wire members, what do you think of this story, post your thoughts here in the Wire or through social media using #YFwire.

Here’s the story of the online reclaiming of #jadapose as told by Al Jazeera’s The Stream.

Source: The Stream   July 15, 2014

After photos of the alleged rape of an American teen were passed around the internet, she and her supporters reclaimed the hashtag initially used to mock her.

The alleged rape of Jada, a 16-year-old girl from Houston, TX, has become an internet meme. Photos of the girl, splayed on the floor, pantsless and unconscious, circulated on the internet following a night at a friend’s house party, where Jada says she was drugged.

Some Twitter users were quick to mock her, posting pictures of themselves mimicking the way Jada was passed out on the floor using #JadaPose.

To read the full story, click here.

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