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EROTICS: Sexual rights & internet content monitor 2014 survey


If you are an LGBT activist, SRHR activist, women’s rights activist, a queer blogger or a feminist, please take 15 minutes to fill in our survey in any of the following languages:

Take the survey:

In 2013, the EROTICS project launched a global survey to understand how sexual rights activists (from a variety of focuses and countries) use the internet to advance their work, what sort of risks, harassment, content regulation, or censorship they deal with, and how they respond to them.

This knowledge is important for us to explore strategic ways to support the digital security of sexual rights activists and also to advocate for gender & sexuality issues among internet rights activists. Results and findings from the 2013 survey can be found here.

We hope with this second round of our global monitoring survey to deepen our understanding and expose the connection between the regulation of sexual speech and content on the internet and provide evidence that will help sexual rights activists explain the impact of such regulation on their lives and their work. Ultimately this survey is part of the ongoing work of APC to identify and imagine a better, more people­-centered, feminist internet.

An analysis of the findings aims to provide a snapshot for policy advocacy and engagement in internet governance and to strengthen the capacity of advocates for sexual rights, women’s rights and gender equality to resist internet content regulation and to participate in this process.

How You Can Help:

  • Please forward this survey to your organizations and networks of sexual rights activists and ask them to take it.
  • Post it on your blogs or organization websites.
  • Tweet or Facebook this post using #eroticsproject.

Please note that the deadline to fill in the survey is September 12, 2014.

For more information, please contact: Caroline Tagny ( or Nadine Moawad (


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