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Columbia students carries mattress to protest university’s handling of her alleged rape


Photo credit: Steven Lau, Colombia Spectator

21 year-old Emma Sulkowicz was raped in her dorm room in August 2012 at Columbia University. Emma filed a complaint with the university in April 2013 after she realized that two other students were raped by the same rapist. She says her alleged rapist was found “not responsible.” Frustrated with the university’s inaction, Emma also filed a police report in May 2014.

Now, to protest the Columbia University’s handling of sexual assault on campus, Emma will carry around a dorm room mattress with her around campus as long as her rapist is not expelled from the university.

“A mattress is the perfect size for me to just be able to carry it, enough that I can continue with my day but also heavy enough that I have to continually struggle with it,” Emma told  the Columbia Spectator.

Emma is calling the piece “Mattress Performance” or “Carry That Weight.”

Watch her explain her performance piece below:

Emma is one of 23 students who filed a federal complaint against the University.

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