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#ICommit Call for Blog posts: What does it take to effectively organize across generations?

 **Deadline for receiving blog posts extended: November 25th, 2014**

Share your stories of meaningful actions which are truly collaborative across generations!

Multigenerational Stories

We are asking everyone involved in women’s movements to submit their stories of effective organizing across generations. Tell us about a time, moment of organizing, activity, partnership, or initiative where you have collaborated with activists of different generations and the lessons you learned as well as the successes you had.

You can speak to a time when you or your organization participated or organized a collaborative exchange across generations, a successful event where contributions of all generations were taken into account, or an initiative that you were involved in such as being mentored or mentoring someone else.

Here are some questions you may want to consider in your blog post:

  • What has been your experience collaborating with organizations or activists of different generations and ages in movements, organizations, events, initiatives, or campaigns?
  • What have you learned from this experience about what it takes to organize effectively and meaningfully across generations?
  • How did you overcome some of the challenges that you faced? What challenges persist?
  • How do you envision meaningful collaboration and organizing across generations?
  • What commitments are needed to ensure that meaningful and effective organizing across generations is happening in women’s movements?

The blog posts that we receive from this call will be shared as part of the #ICommit tweetathon to provide more in-depth examples and conversation on what it takes to organize effectively across generations. The tweetathon, a blend of the words “tweet” and “Marathon”, is a social media mobilization led by AWID’s Young Feminist Wire along with AWID members and multiple partners and allies on the micro-blogging site Twitter. It will be held on December 16th, 2014.

Join us in highlighting commitments and practices that are needed for successful and meaningful multigenerational organizing.

Submission guidelines

Submissions can be in written, video or audio, or any other creative form (such as an e-comic strip, visual art, poetry etc.).

Written submissions should:

*   Be 600-800 words in length;
*   Tell a story/share an experience about multigenerational organizing;
*   Be clearly and accessibly written;
*   Include references to concrete examples from the context of the contributor;
*   Be in English, Spanish or French.

If an audio or video is submitted, it should:

*   Be 2-3 minutes in length;

*   Tell a story/share an experience about multigenerational organizing;
*   Be clear and comprehensible;
*   Include references to concrete examples from the context of the contributor;
*   Be in English, Spanish or French.

Send your submissions by email to with the title “Call for Blog posts: #ICommit” in the subject line by November 25th. *Please note this is a call for activists of all ages and generations to participate in sharing their stories*

PLEASE NOTE: The Young Feminist Activism team welcomes all submissions that meet the above guidelines but we may not be able to publish them all. We also reserve the right to edit written submissions for purposes of clarity.

AWID’s Work On Multigenerational Organizing

AWID’s Young Feminist Activism (YFA) program has been holding activities to discuss how to strengthen organizing across generations in women’s movements since 2008. We have held e-discussions, dialogues, and webinars. Through this activities, we have found that understanding the ‘what, how, and why’ of effective multigenerational organizing is difficult without looking at concrete examples and moments of effective multigenerational organizing. The most exciting learning comes from stories of activists building, working, and mobilizing together in concrete action that is meaningfully and truly collaborative!

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