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Save the Date! December 16th, 2014: #ICommit Tweetathon!

MG_GhadeerShare your examples of collaborative organizing across generations!

The #ICommit tweetathon is an effort to share commitments and stories from organizations or individuals that advance collaborative work across generations within the women’s movement.  The tweetathon, a blend of the words “tweet” and “Marathon”, is social media mobilization led by AWID’s Young Feminist Wire along with AWID members and multiple partners and allies on the micro-blogging site Twitter. It will be held on December 16th, 2014.

The #ICommit tweetathon asks women’s rights activists of diverse ages and generations to participate in contributing, through tweets, personal and concrete commitments that they can put into action towards an intention of supporting effective and meaningful multigenerational organizing in women’s movements. We are urging women’s rights activists to engage in a public discussion through Twitter on multigenerational organizing and the steps we can take individually, organizationally and in our movements to contribute to more collaborative multigenerational organizing.

For example, #ICommit can be used to describe and identify actions as simple as being conscious about reaching out to activists of diverse generations and ages or concrete commitments such as holding a multigenerational dialogue, discussion or group.

The tweetathon mobilization will provide in-depth examples (through blog posts from individuals, activists and organizers) and conversation from partners, allies, and members on what it takes to organizing effectively across generations.

Join us in highlighting commitments and practices that are needed for successful and meaningful multigenerational organizing!

AWID’s Work On Multigenerational Organizing

AWID’s Young Feminist Activism (YFA) program has been holding activities to discuss how to strengthen organizing across generations in women’s movements since 2008. We have held e-discussions, dialogues, and webinars. Through this activities, we have found that understanding the ‘what, how, and why’ of effective multigenerational organizing is difficult without looking at concrete examples and moments of effective multigenerational organizing. The most exciting learning comes from stories of activists building, working, and mobilizing together in concrete action that is meaningfully and truly collaborative!

2 thoughts on “Save the Date! December 16th, 2014: #ICommit Tweetathon!”

  1. Misbah Shahzad says:

    I was thinking on the theme of organizing across generations from so many days and nothing special about organizing across generations was coming to my mind until today. Today a school was attacked by Talibans in Peshawar, Pakistan and I felt a deep need for organizing across generations especially the juniors. Juniors, Youth, adults and aged- all groups – collectively and collaboratively need to be mainstream on the safety and security measures in emergencies.

  2. Ghadeer Malek says:

    Thank you Misbah for sharing your thoughts with us. We are also thinking about all the young women in Pakistan today and the enormous threats and violence women are facing around the world. It makes it even more imperative to think about building solidarities and ensuring that women’s movements are strong and sustainable.

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