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Women to protest at site of Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh killing

shaimaaA protest has been called for to honour an activist whose high-profile killing on the eve of the anniversary of the 25 January Revolution made international headlines for its seemingly unnecessary use of lethal force.

Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh, 31, was among a small group of demonstrators at Talaat Harb Square in central Cairo, who intended to lay wreaths at the nearby Tahrir Square to commemorate the victims of the revolution. During the aggressive dispersal by security forces Al-Sabbagh was struck by birdshot and died from her wounds.

A group of non-affiliated women have called for the stand to celebrate Al-Sabbagh and protest against what they referred to as the government’s ongoing, excessive abuse of force.

Following her death, the Ministry of Interior has refused to entertain the idea that the police could be responsible for her killing.

However, the call to protest contends that: “We announce that the Ministry of Interior’s bullets caused her death, but we will not be scared away from taking a stand against her death.”

The organisers have called for the protest to be attended by only women. “We are ladies and girls who witnessed what happened and will not be silenced.” It is planned to take place at Talaat Harb Square on Thursday 29 January, beginning at 2pm.

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