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Young South African student’s inspiring speech

Philippi High addresses Azania House about the struggle for decent education. Posted by UCT: Rhodes Must Fall on Thursday, April 9, 2015

The above video (Click on the thumbnail image to play) is an inspiring speech made by a young South African student from Philippi High School, in Cape Town, South Africa.

She was addressing students from the University of Cape Town (UCT) gathered at Azania House, as students from the #RhodesMustFall movement were convened for the removal of the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, a British mining magnate and colonizer, from UCT grounds. (See the following article for more on the removal of the statue:

The young South African spoke about the struggle for decent education that her and her fellow Black high school students are facing and how they took their demands directly to the Western Cape Department of Education.

For more on Philippi High School students and their demands:
For more on the Rhodes Must Fall movement, watch yesterday’s episode of The Stream:

Finally, here’s part of a statement made by the Rhodes Must Fall movement yesterday:
“Black bodies, female bodies, gender non-conforming bodies, disabled bodies cannot become liberated inside of UCT whilst the world outside still treats them as sub-human. The decolonization of this institution is thus fundamentally linked to the decolonization of our entire society. Therefore when we say Rhodes Must Fall we mean that patriarchy must fall, that white supremacy must fall, that all systematic oppression based on any power relations of difference must be destroyed at all costs. These are battles that we cannot fight alone.”

To read the full statement:

Photo credit: UCT: Rhodes must fall facebook page

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