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Meet one of the young women activists who died in Suruc, Turkey

Before she was killed by a suicide bomber, before her Instagram photos were shared and liked by thousands, Hatice Ezgi Sadet was a 20-year-old art history student from Turkey looking forward to going on an archeological excavation trip and using her newly obtained driver’s license.LeadPhoto

Sadet postponed her trip though; she had more urgent plans. She was part of a group of students and activists going to volunteer to help rebuild the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane, destroyed during fighting between Kurdish and ISIS forces last year. She took a selfie with a group of young men and women in a bus, smiling wide, with the caption “heading to revolution.” She had begun to document the journey under her Instagram handle, Umutlugil, or the hopeful family. She told friends she’d be back in a few days.

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