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Young Indian rapper Sofia Ashraf sings about worker rights & Unilever’s failure to take responsibility for mercury poisoning

Young indian rapper Sofia Ashraf made this video and song, set to the tune of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”  to take a jab at Unilever.

For 14 years, the people and workers in Kodaikanal, India have suffered because Unilever has been dumping toxic mercury waste outside its thermometer factory in the town. Unilever has failed to clean up the mercury contamination. As a result, 45 workers and 12 of their children have died of mercury poisoning. Other workers have reported neurological and reproductive health problems due to the mercury contamination. None of the workers have been compensated.

Sofia Ashraf and Kodaikanal workers are asking people to sign a petition demanding Unilever take responsibility for the Kodaikanal mercury poisoning.

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