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After The Sexual Harassment Of A 12-Year-Old Girl, Women Speak Out With #PrimeiroAssedio


Valentina Shulz is one of the many young chefs hoping to show off her culinary chops onBrazil’s “MasterChef Junior,” but when the series made its debut on Oct. 20, the 12-year-old girl instead became the target of online sexual harassment.

“If there is consent is it pedophilia?” wrote one Twitter user about Shulz.

Think Olga, a Brazilian feminist group battling against street harassment and abuse against women, decided to fight back against the men who were tweeting disturbing sexual messages about the girl and to expose the larger issue of harassment in the country.

Using the hashtag #PrimeiroAssedio, which translates to “first harassment,” the group asked its Twitter followers on Oct. 21, to share the first time they experienced sexual harassment.

Journalist and Think Olga founder Juliana de Faria told BBC Trending on Monday that the campaign started with her tweeting her own harassment story. And after seeing the overwhelming initial response from her followers, she decided to create the hashtag.

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