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Two Girls, Same Destiny: Rukhshana and Farkhunda


It has not even been a year since 27-year-old Farkhunda was accused of burning the holy Qur’an and then was brutally killed by a street mob in Kabul. Now another girl, Rukhshana, has been stoned under the name of Islam in Ghor, a province in central Afghanistan that is apparently under Taliban control.

Rukhshana was only 19, but her family was forcing her to marry an 80-year-old man. She refused to accept the marriage and escaped with a 23-year-old man whom she knew. When her family discovered what she had done, they informed the Taliban and she and her boyfriend were captured. She was accused of adultery and running away with a man. About two weeks ago, she was dragged into the desert by a mob of brutal men who then stoned her to death. The boyfriend was lashed. The horrifying scene was captured on a video now widely available on the Internet.

To read more about Farkhunda and Rukhshana, click here.

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