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Young African Women in Leadership Voluntary Application Form


The Young African Women in Leadership (YAWL) is looking for talented young African women to join its network.

YAWL vision is “To be a well recognized non profit Organization committed to the empowerment, development and promotion of equality in Africa”

Our mission is to Empower young women to pioneer change and prepare them for the challenges entailed in working for gender equality in Africa.

1. Applicant must be a young woman
Between the age of 12 to 35 years.

2. Applicant must be an African.

3. Applicant must be willing to volunteer
At least three hours per week to YAWL Work.

4. Applicant must be motivated and committed
To contribute to YAWL Mission.
If you are having problem in filling this Form or you have any enquiries
please send us an Email to or call +23278668218 / +2348179119011 /+233269646471

Application deadline is 26 February 2016.

Apply here

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