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The assaults against women and women’s rights activists in Turkey are not acceptable!

On yet another March 8th, we are faced with the violence of the Turkish state, which is obligated to eliminate violence against women. In Istanbul, Ankara, Urfa and Batman, March 8 rallies are denied permits, women participating in marches are taken into custody, and are attempted to be silenced by tear gas, pressurized water and police violence.

As Turkey’s government tries to spread misogyny throughout society, works to isolate and marginalize the women’s movement, and reiterates over and over again that it does not believe in the equality of men and women, it should know that we will not cease to claim the streets and the squares. We will not give up the struggle. These increasing and systematic attacks against women and women’s rights defenders will not be able to keep us from pressing for our demands for equality and freedom.

It is us, women who have been

booed at political rallies of the ruling party because we cried

“Abortion cannot be banned!”

beaten and kicked out of courthouses because we called for

“Real justice, not men’s justice!”

subjected to investigations, because we shouted

“We want peace!”

It is us, women who have

told those who claimed “women and men cannot have equal status” that

“We won’t give up our demand for equality!”

replied to those who tried to kick us out of parliamentary commissions that

“Members of parliament will one day lose their seats, but women will always stay!”

It is us, women who

despite all attempts to ban March 8th rallies, are filling the streets and the squares with the slogans

“We will not be silent! We are not afraid! We will not submit!

We call upon everyone who is for human rights, democracy and freedom, and who believe in equality, to stand together in the face of these attacks, and to show solidarity. We declare once again:

“We are here, we are not going anywhere, and we are not giving up the fight!”

EŞİTİZ – Equality Watch Women’s Group

8 March 2016


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