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AWID forum: Umbrella Issues Online Discussions


We are organizing online discussions and exchanges so that participants can advance deliberations well before arriving to Brazil.

The Umbrella Issue Discussions are designed to highlight some of the key global challenges that cut across geography and movements, and that require coherent approaches based on shared visions and joint actions. We hope the discussions will help us collectively identify the kinds of alliances and actions essential to advance new visions, strengthen cross-movement solidarity and frame joint action agendas going beyond the Forum.

Upcoming online discussion:

Climate and Environmental Justice – 5-7 April

It is more clear than ever that urgent action is needed to prevent catastrophic climate change by escalating climate and environmental justice work which places economic and social justice at its centre. This umbrella issue will bring together and foster engagement between women’s rights activists and climate justice activists in recognition of the gendered impacts of the environmental and climate crisis and its intersections with socio-political and economic upheaval, violence and militarisation.

To join, please write to us at, with the words “Climate and Environmental Justice”  in the subject line, and a short message with

  • your name
  • your organizational affiliation (if relevant) and
  • why you are interested in the topic.

We’ll get back to you with more information on how to join the discussion.

We look forward to dialoguing! 

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