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#PracticeSolidarity Tweetathon: June 21, SAVE THE DATE

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In the lead up to the AWID Forum, the #PracticeSolidarity tweetathon is an effort to bring together feminists engaged with gender, racial, economic, social, and ecological justice movements across generations to exchange about what solidarity means, and further explore and share stories from organizations or individuals that advance solidarity and collaborative work across movements.  The tweetathon, a blend of the words “tweet” and “Marathon”, is a social media mobilization led by AWID’s Young Feminist Wire. It will be held on June 21, 2016.

Throughout the day on June 21, we are asking you to participate by contributing, through tweets, personal and concrete examples of how #PracticeSolidarity can look like through smaller gestures in your day-to-day lives all the way to imagining what feminist futures look like and how we forge strong coalitional politics to get to where we want.

For example, #PracticeSolidarity can be used to describe and identify on-the-ground and day-to-day organizing or ways of living that create spaces actively opposing systems of oppression. These could include ways of un/learning, having conversations, giving space, listening, moving away from guilt and towards responsibility, etc.

The tweetathon mobilization will provide in-depth examples (through blog posts from individuals, activists and organizers) and conversation from partners, allies, and AWID members.

Join us on June 21 for the #PracticeSolidarity tweetathon and help us spread the word.

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