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Gender equality in the film industry

_dsc0669My name is Fiona Adhiambo from Kisumu, Kenya. I am a 25 year old professional photographer, a budding filmmaker and founder at Jaber Foundation.

Jaber Foundation is a mentorship platform for young girls and women who aspire to be in the film industry. We started our first project called Humans of Kisumu, where we basically document inspirational stories about Kisumu people through photography.

The internet has massively shaped my feminist journey as I strive to bring gender equality to the film industry. We need to support women in the arts to drive a progressive agenda for women and to change dominant patriarchal narratives and depictions that reinforce repressive images of African women. As much as I encourage young people to follow their dream careers in media, I also advocate for young women to make it in this field of film production.

As my company was still growing, I joined a friend who also runs her own company called Kenya Female Advisory Organization (KEFEADO)  which does human rights advocacy work. The way she fights for children and women’s rights with passion inspired me to speak up more online.

Campaigning for gender equality in the film industry has made me meet and mentor a lot of young women in this field. Meeting different people every day and listening to their inspirational stories for the Humans of Kisumu project has really changed the way I view life. In October, during the breast cancer awareness month, we told stories of the survivors and patients about what they go through and how they manage to keep hope alive, just to encourage those who are also going through the same. The stories went viral on the internet. Some people even helped pay some of the bills for the patients who’s stories were aired. I have received a lot of feedback from my audience. This shows I am making a difference in my community.

Please follow this links for more information about my journey and upcoming projects.

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