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As part of our on-going #PracticeSolidarity campaign, AWID’s young feminist activism program in collaboration with RESURJ, the International Domestic Workers Federation and the Vecinas Feministas (a group of young feminists from Latin America) put together a parallel event during CSW61 that brought together case studies from diverse regions to examine domestic work through intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, class, and migrant status, while bringing attention to the challenges migrant domestic workers experience in enjoying sexual and reproductive justice. The event highlighted domestic work organizing on the local level, and posed the question of how to strengthen cross-movement solidarity to advance the priorities and rights of domestic workers.

If you missed the event, you can watch it below to learn from the wealth of knowledge and strategies our panelists brought to the table.

Many thanks go to: Gemma Justo (the Philippines) from Migrant Community Center in Lebanon – a space where migrant workers can come to meet, organize, access information and support, discuss issues and hold cultural activities; Regina Tames (Mexico) from GIRE, an organization that increases knowledge on reproductive and sexual rights and health in Mexico, and also advocates to ensure implementation of laws and policies that favor reproductive and sexual rights and health and for improved public policies; Maribel Batista (Dominican Rep.) with CIMTRA – a center that articulated the gender equality policy of the trade union federations of the Dominican Republic; Ernestina Ochoa (Peru) from the International Domestic Workers Federation / The Institute for the Promotion and Training of Domestic Workers; Ghiwa Sayegh (Lebanon) from Kohl Journal – a feminist journal on gender and sexuality in the Middle East, South West Asia, and North Africa regions and Jill Shanker from the National Domestic Workers Alliance. 

We filmed some of the panelists from the event and asked them to tell us why they practice solidarity with domestic workers. Watch the video and tell us why you practice solidarity with domestic workers. Use the hashtag #Practicesolidarity. Create your own video of solidarity.

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