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#LifeInLeggings: A Caribbean Movement to End Gender-Based Violence

16797066_1812899892260420_6816222526821526982_o“When we are vocal about our issues as individuals or as individual countries, we are not taken as seriously as when we put our voices together […] For our movement, it’s an intersectional feminist movement. For me and the team that we have, it is important for us to show that we represent all women, and that they have a voice and a space within the movement.”

-Ronelle King

On March 11, 2017, Life In Leggings: Caribbean Alliance Against Gender-based Violence is calling for people to march across different Caribbean countries in solidarity with “survivors of gender-based violence, in memory of the women and girls who are no longer with us and to reclaim our streets for the generation of girls who have yet to grow up.”

Watch the Skype video interview we recorded with Ronelle King, co-founder of Life in leggings, to learn more about how #LifeinLeggings started, why people are marching and why it’s important to practice solidarity.


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