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Critical Feminist Perspectives on the Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

On April 17th, 1500 Palestinian prisoners launched the largest collective hunger strike in years under the banner of freedom and dignity. Since then, supporters of Palestine have been organizing events and protests around the world to strengthen and deepen solidarity around the hunger strike.

AWID interviewed Palestinian feminist activists to learn more about what the hunger strike means to them and what they want feminists around the world to know about the strike. Read their answers below.

There are currently 61 women and girls and 300 children in Israeli prisons. While men are often perceived as the sole leaders of the prisoners’ movement, Palestinian women political prisoners have also historically put their lives on the line and launched hunger strikes. Men are often received as heroes upon release, while women political prisoners, such as Lina Al-Jarbouny, face major difficulties in healing and reintegrating into society. As in many parts of the globe, the prison system in Israel is also profit-driven. G4S, the largest security company in the world, is part of that system and complicit with the violation of Palestinian prisoner rights.

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