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Welcome to the Young Feminist Wire!

This online platform was created in March 2010 by the Young Feminist Activism (YFA) program at the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). The Young Feminist Wire is an online community for and by young feminists working on women’s human rights, gender equality and social justice around the world.

The Young Feminist Wire aims to:

  1. Provide young feminist activist news, analysis and think pieces through inviting young feminists to write blogs
  2. Share news, resources, tools, and opportunities from and for young feminists initiatives around the world
  3. Connect young feminists from different countries and regions to learn, share, empower, and collaborate together
  4. Create opportunities for learning, discussing and reflecting through our e-learning and Guests on the Wire sessions
  5. Elevate and bring visibility to young feminist activism and facilitate connection across movements, issues and generations

If you’re a feminist 30 years or younger active on women’s rights, social, environmental and gender justice activism in any sort of capacity (staff, member, or volunteer in a women’s rights organization, student, blogger, independent activist) the Wire is designed for you!

Young Feminist Wire Staff:

Felogene Anumo, Lynn Darwich, Nelly Bassily

To get in touch with the young feminist wire team, please email

Young Feminist Activism (YFA) Program

Young feminist are active and key constituencies of women’s movements around the world in impacting social change for the realization of women’s rights and justice.

The YFA’s vision for supporting young feminist activism combines our long-standing work on movement building, which includes elevating the visibility and the impact of young feminist activism within and across women’s movements with an additional focus on positioning young feminists to politically engage in global development processes.

Through strategic information sharing, key dialogues, knowledge and capacity building and advocacy, the YFA aims to ensure that young feminists’ key contributions, perspectives, needs and political activism are reflected in debates, policies and programs affecting them.

Overarching goal for the YFA: To contribute to stronger multigenerational movements that are diverse and inclusive and where young women’s activism, contributions, perspectives and needs are highlighted in women’s movements and accurately reflected in international decision-making spaces, development debates and translated into policies and programs grounded in human rights and gender equality.

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