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In this section, we feature writings from members of the Young Feminist Wire community, and other analysis by and about young feminist activism. If you would like to write for the #YFWire, contact us!

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“The revolution will not be NGO-ised”: four lessons from African feminist organising
on 31st July, by Nelly

African feminist movements are diverse. But we can, and must, learn from decades of transformational organising…

Critical Feminist Perspectives on the Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike
on 26th May, by Nelly

On April 17th, 1500 Palestinian prisoners launched the largest collective hunger strike in years under the…

Better Speak: Solidarity in action, not in words
on 11th April, by Nelly

Nayani Thiyagarajah is a filmmaker and storyteller who was invited to participate in a United Nations…

AWID in solidarity with Mozn Hassan and Nazra for Feminist Studies in Egypt
on 27th March, by Nelly

Last Saturday, on 25 March 2017, AWID alongside other international organizations, attended a special Right Livelihood…

I #Practicesolidarity with domestic workers because…
on 17th March, by Nelly

As part of our on-going #PracticeSolidarity campaign, AWID’s young feminist activism program in collaboration with RESURJ,…

#LifeInLeggings: A Caribbean Movement to End Gender-Based Violence
on 9th March, by Nelly

“When we are vocal about our issues as individuals or as individual countries, we are not…

“You’ll be Dazzled by My Joy” : Interview with Afrofeminist Filmmaker Amandine Gay
on 15th February, by Nelly

© Enrico Bartolucci Filmmaker Amandine Gay Amandine Gay, afro-feminist actress, researcher and filmmaker takes a moment…

Life In Leggings: A Story About Untold Stories
on 15th December, by Nelly

Every woman has a story. About the fear and anger they feel when they walk down…

Tracking the harassers: a visual story
on 9th December, by Nelly

  Myra is an award-winning illustrator, visual artist, co-founder of, co-founder of Space27 (a feminist…

This year I finally unfriended my rapist.
on 7th December, by Nelly

This blog post is about my rape and how I was silenced and silenced myself because

Gender equality in the film industry
on 5th December, by Nelly

My name is Fiona Adhiambo from Kisumu, Kenya. I am a 25 year old professional photographer,…

Nairobits breaking down barriers and myths about ICTs and young girls
on 1st December, by Nelly   Miriam Wambui is a 26-years-old young feminist from Kenya. She works with Nairobits.

Moving forward in building feminist networks
on 30th November, by Nelly

With the expansion of Internet access and the increasingly widespread use of social networks, the occurrence…

“If You Have Nothing To Hide, Then You Have Nothing To Fear!”: Why digital security is everyone’s issue
on 29th November, by Nelly

Gif Credit: Niti Mueth Earlier this year I attended a Digital Security workshop organized by Association…

Call for blogs: share your stories at the intersections of feminisms and tech
on 2nd November, by Nelly

Do you take back the tech? Have you imagined a feminist internet? Has the internet shaped…

The Global State of Young Feminist Organizing
on 22nd September, by Nelly

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development’s Young Feminist Activism Programme and FRIDA | The Young…

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