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In this section, we feature writings from members of the Young Feminist Wire community, and other analysis by and about young feminist activism. If you would like to write for the #YFWire, contact us!

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Fighting for women's sexual and reproductive health in Nigeria
on 8th November, by Ibe Chinomnso Traffina

Ibe By  Ibe Chinomnso Traffina * While working as a nurse in a rural community, I…

Making women's right, a human right, in Burma
on 8th November, by Shunn Lei Swe Yee

Shunn Lei's "Half the Sky" By Shunn Lei Swe Yee * I am Shunn Lei Swe…

Becoming a Feminist Activist
on 8th November, by Paola Salwa Daher

Paola By Paola Salwan Daher * I believe becoming a feminist activist creeps up on you.…

'Reaching out' in Sri Lanka
on 8th November, by Shifani Reffai

By Shifani Reffai * ‘Feminist activist’! The term sounds absolutely intimidating. Actually, I had no intention…

Good Girls Marry Doctors
on 8th November, by Nelly

By: Good Girls Marry Doctors * In every sense of the word, I was a China…

Nze nva wala or coming from afar
on 8th November, by Devi Leiper

Devi By Devi Leiper * A young international feminist journey of learning, change, and inspiration Nze

Women LEAD
on 8th November, by Claire Charamnac

Claire By: Claire Charamnac * I can’t pinpoint one event that transformed me into a feminist…

Gender @ G20
on 5th November, by Charlotte Soulary

A woman strolls up to a bus stop on the promenade in Cannes, southern France November…

On NGOs vs Activism: the Impact of Structure and Donor Trends
on 29th September, by Paola Salwa Daher

Source: Café Thawra By: Paola Salwan « So, did you get the grant? » « Who…

Beirut Teen Girl Geek Camp: Lessons from one generation of young feminists to another
on 22nd August, by Nadine Moawad

By: Nadine Moawad* Earlier this month and for the first time in my activist life, I…

The Beautiful Game and the Politics of Space
on 2nd August, by Ghadeer Malek

On the 17th of July 2011, the Japanese women’s soccer team scored the winning goal of…

World YWCA Young Women: Initiating Change, One Step at a Time
on 27th July, by Paola Salwa Daher

By Paola Salwan* World Young Women Christian Association (YWCA):  the name says it all.  The World…

"A Gay Girl in Damascus" aka "Amina" story and its repercussions
on 16th June, by Nelly

Amina Arraf, the Syrian lesbian blogger who purportedly penned the blog, “A gay girl in Damascus”…

Egypt's Virginity Gate
on 9th June, by Nelly

By: Nelly Bassily On March 9th 2011, two days shy of the one month anniversary of…

AWID Statement on the Proposed “Anti-Homosexuality” Legislation in Uganda
on 12th May, by Ghadeer Malek

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) is gravely concerned about reports that an Anti-Homosexuality…

on 28th April, by Minjon Tholen

By: Minjon Tholen “Give me the space and tools to find and claim my own voice.…

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