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In this section, we feature writings from members of the Young Feminist Wire community, and other analysis by and about young feminist activism. If you would like to write for the #YFWire, contact us!

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Webinar: Mobilising resources for the AWID Forum
on 3rd August, by Nelly

Webinar on Crowdfunding by young feminist activists Event SummaryWhich crowdfunding platform should I use? How…

Join CAL, CREA, RESURJ and AWID for a Webinar on #BodyandTerritory
on 20th July, by Nelly

This webinar (web hosted seminar) is the first in a series of webinars leading up to…

Acknowledgement for yesterday, solidarity for tomorrow: Proposal for a solidarity-based approach to feminism
on 20th June, by Nelly

There are things that we as feminists ignore, and we ignore them because we take for…

#PracticeSolidarity Tweetathon: June 21, SAVE THE DATE
on 8th June, by Nelly

In the lead up to the AWID Forum, the #PracticeSolidarity tweetathon is an effort to bring…

Call for Blogs: #PracticeSolidarity
on 2nd May, by Nelly

  Young Feminist Activism at the Intersections of Gender, Racial, Economic, Social and Ecological Justice Movements…

“Bela, Recatada e do Lar”: amidst a new coup, Brazilian women fight back  against old stereotypes
on 26th April, by Nelly

 In Brazil, as far as the saying goes, behind every successful man there’s a great…

Behind the murder of Berta Cáceres: corporate complicity
on 25th April, by Nelly

Berta Cáceres was killed while sleeping in her home in La Esperanza, Honduras on 3rd March…

Cleansing rape culture from society
on 13th April, by Nelly

Some might think that the phrase “rape culture,” is simply an exaggerated myth made up by…

Registration for the 2016 AWID Forum in Brazil is open again!
on 7th April, by Nelly

Dear young feminists! We are thrilled to announce that registration for the 2016 AWID Forum is…

New AWID Forum dates: 8-11 September 2016, in Brazil
on 25th February, by Nelly

After careful consideration, AWID’s Board of Directors has decided to postpone the 13th AWID international Forum…

Speaking up and staying safer: an interview with young reproductive justice activist Renee Bracey Sherman
on 18th February, by Nelly

 The Young Feminist Wire interviewed Renee Bracey Sherman, a reproductive justice activist and author of

Jan 25, 5 years later: On the revolution that I missed
on 26th January, by Nelly

Every year, on January 25, I have the same thoughts. I don’t have any memories to…

Why we need Feminism in School?
on 12th January, by Nelly

As a Black girl, now entering grade 10, the experiences I have had in school make…

Register for the AWID 2016 forum today
on 10th December, by Nelly

The 2016 AWID Forum will be a historic global gathering of women’s rights and social justice…

Garbage knows no social class, but fighting it does
on 7th December, by Nelly

Photo credit: Joelle Hatem Accentuated by the scorching summer heat, the pestilential smell of rotting garbage…

Marcha das Mulheres Negras: The Radical and Feminist Act of Reclaiming Space and Re-writing the Narrative
on 2nd December, by Nelly

Brasilia isn’t like any city I’ve ever been to. Its streets spread out in a clinical…

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