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For the women of Egypt, today is not like yesterday
on 9th March, by Nelly

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 8. Egypt celebrates Egyptian Women’s Day…

Lesbiennes, bi, trans, afro-féministes, travailleuses du sexe… L’autre manif du 8 mars
on 8th March, by Nelly

Dimanche, diverses associations et collectifs – LGBT, pro-travailleurs du sexe, afro-féministes… – ont défilé dans les…

Before International Women’s Day, Feminist Five And Their Lawyers Are Called in by Police
on 8th March, by Nelly

Just before International Women’s Day on March 8, the Feminist Five activists in China, as well…

Ending more than 30 years of impunity in Sepur Zarco
on 3rd March, by Nelly

Finally, there is justice. Finally, the silence has been broken. Finally, impunity has been defeated. 15…

Kiddle search engine removes block on ‘gay,’ ‘puberty’ after criticism
on 3rd March, by Nelly

Kiddle, a website billed as a “visual search engine for kids,” was criticized on Twitter this…

Egypt’s first convicted FGM doctor Fadl loses licence
on 26th February, by Nelly

A court in Egypt has finally revoked the licence of a doctor found guilty last year…

Young Somali activist sentenced to death for being a lesbian
on 4th February, by Nelly

How a young Somali activist for women’s rights fled her homeland after she was outed as…

Activists are sending abortion pills to women with Zika
on 2nd February, by Nelly

Yesterday, the WHO declared Zika a global emergency—but, despite the fact that it’s linked to serious…

When A Country Without Abortion Tells Women To Not Get Pregnant
on 29th January, by Nelly

In response to Zika virus, officials are promoting a two-year ban on pregnancy in El Salvador—where…

Unveiling a safe haven for LGBTQ youth
on 15th January, by Nelly

Toronto researcher Alex Abramovich was interviewing a homeless transgender teen about her experiences when the penny…

Journalist Ruqia Hassan murdered by Isis after writing on life in Raqqa
on 8th January, by Nelly

Islamic State militants murdered a journalist who wrote about daily life in occupied Raqqa, having accused…

Gambia parliament passes bill which bans female genital mutilation
on 8th January, by Nelly

Gambia’s parliament has passed a bill which bans female genital mutilation (FGM). The development follows pronouncements…

El Salvador: ‘I had a miscarriage. The judge accused me of murder’ – video
on 17th December, by Nelly

For Salvadoran women who suffer a miscarriage, the physical and emotional trauma of losing a child…

Sierra Leone legalizes abortion
on 16th December, by Nelly

Photo credit: Ipas Women with unwanted pregnancies in Sierra Leone will no longer have to undergo…

Marcha das Mulheres Negras: The Radical and Feminist Act of Reclaiming Space and Re-writing the Narrative
on 2nd December, by Nelly

Brasilia isn’t like any city I’ve ever been to. Its streets spread out in a clinical…

After The Sexual Harassment Of A 12-Year-Old Girl, Women Speak Out With #PrimeiroAssedio
on 13th November, by Nelly

Valentina Shulz is one of the many young chefs hoping to show off her culinary chops…

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