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This section contains interviews with young feminists from around the world leading initiatives for young women’s rights and gender justice. If you would like to be interviewed, contact us!

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How feminist art can rock CSW
on 10th March, by Nelly

“Your Presence is a Vehicle” What happens when artists enter spaces to which they are not…

Speaking up and staying safer: an interview with young reproductive justice activist Renee Bracey Sherman
on 18th February, by Nelly

 The Young Feminist Wire interviewed Renee Bracey Sherman, a reproductive justice activist and author of

Ikhtyar: it’s all about choices
on 1st December, by Nelly

 Ikhtyar is a collective of young Egyptians who want to awaken the queer feminist consciousness.…

Aya Chebbi: Redefining Feminist Narratives in Tunisia
on 23rd October, by Nelly

Aya Chebbi is an award winning Pan-African feminist activist and blogger. In recognition of her achievements,…

Yafa and Suha Jarrar Speak on the Injustice that Prevails: The Palestinian Occupation and the Gender Dynamics of the Struggle
on 22nd October, by Nelly

Khalida Jarrar is a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, a leader in the Popular Front…

Struggles for Democracy in Bahrain – Challenging patriarchy in and outside our movements
on 26th August, by Nelly

A powerful youth is leading a human rights struggle in Bahrain, which receives very little media…

BuSSy: a place for untold gender stories in Egypt
on 6th July, by Nelly

A group of passionate young Egyptian women and men with a strong belief in the value…

Zero Trollerance
on 17th June, by Nelly

Many women and trans* folks who use the online social network Twitter and those who publicly…

Street harassment awareness in the streets of Chattagong
on 11th June, by Nelly

Last February, on the last day of International Anti Street Harassment Week, members of the Speak…

Fighting violence against women one Urgent Action at a time
on 10th June, by Nelly

Every time I hit ‘send’ on an email to thousands of people, asking them to support…

Now there is a way to build your own domestic violence case without a lawyer
on 8th June, by Nelly

Globally, 35% of women suffer domestic violence, making it arguably the most prevalent form of violence…

A Home Away From Home in Singapore
on 5th June, by Nelly

A Home Away from Home Singapore is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of violence…

Facing resistance: launching Hollaback! Bahamas and ending gender-based violence and discrimination
on 4th June, by Nelly

Known for its sun, sea, and sand, The Bahamas has a dirty little secret. Sexism lives…

SILENT SILHOUETTES: Poster Art in Activism
on 2nd June, by Nelly

WOMANTRA is a Caribbean based feminist organization focused on woman and female centred scholarship, activism and…

Yellow Fever: Young Kenyan artist uses animated film to expose detrimental effects of Eurocentric standards of beauty on women of colour
on 20th May, by Nelly

Yellow Fever: FULL from Ng’endo Mukii on Vimeo. Young Kenyan animator and film director Ng’endo Mukii…

Young feminist uses menstrual pads to spread feminist messages
on 18th March, by Nelly

The Young Feminist Wire recently spoke to Elonë Kastrati, a young feminist from Germany, about the…

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