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This section contains interviews with young feminists from around the world leading initiatives for young women’s rights and gender justice. If you would like to be interviewed, contact us!

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An interview with Abir Copty on Palestine, feminism and the BDS movement
on 21st August, by Nelly

Photo credit: Christopher Hazou This is an interview with Abir Kopty, recorded via Skype on August…

The Freedom Traveller
on 24th June, by Nelly

The Young Feminist Wire interviewed Momal Mushtaq, founder of  an online platform called The Freedom Traveller.…

Fighting Sexual Violence With A Shaky Pen
on 6th June, by Nelly

By: Lydia MatataMy name is Lydia Matata, 25, this is my second year as a…

MenEngage Alliance: working to engage men and boys in gender equality
on 6th June, by Nelly

By: Marc Peters* In August 2013, I joined the staff of the MenEngage Alliance, a global…

The Red Elephant Foundation: A Small Initiative with a Big Impact
on 6th June, by Nelly

by:  Kirthi Jayakumar* I founded the Red Elephant Foundation almost a year ago. I am not…

I will pinch your ass and grab your boobs, and you can’t talk about it: the BuSSy Monologues in Egypt
on 6th June, by Nelly

photo credit: Yehia El Zeiny By: Sondos Shabayek* (originally published in Open Democracy) Every time someone…

International Women's Day Special: BoxGirls Kenya
on 8th March, by Nelly

Photo credit: BoxGirls Kenya Cynthia Coredo is the Program Director at BoxGirls Kenya. Boxgirls Kenya is…

An interview with Feminist Style: Challenging rape culture one consent-themed underwear at a time
on 18th February, by Nelly

Amulya Sanagavarapu is the brainchild behind Feminist Style. She started Feminist Style because she wants to…

Qahera – The hijabi superheroine (kicking misogyny's butt since 2013)
on 14th February, by Nelly

It’s not everyday you read a comic-strip where the superheroine says in a speech bubble: “I…

Learn all about Take Back the Tech!
on 5th December, by Nelly

Take Back The Tech! is a global campaign that connects the issue of violence against women…

IDLE NO MORE: New Generations of Young Women Activists
on 29th November, by Ghadeer Malek

My name is Widia Larivière and I’m a 29-year-old women living in Montreal, Canada. I grew…

Why selling anti-rape wear perpetuates victim-blaming
on 25th November, by Nelly

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Young Feminist Wire wants

"Soy mujer and Powerful!!" Interview with Adriana Mendieta-Flores
on 18th October, by Perla Vazquez

My name is Adriana Mendieta Celia Flores, and I am the youth member of Woman ‘s…

QAHERA: Hijabi Superhero comic on sexual street harrasment
on 12th September, by Ghadeer Malek

Dear Young Feminist Wire members, This new comic by QAHERA, a comic artist blogging about the…

‘New People Who Know’: "Ben covi bi banezi". Interview with Fátima Gamboa
on 27th August, by Perla Vazquez

I am from Merida, capital of Yucatan, a province in Mexico. I am Indigenous Maya and…

HollaBack Berlin: Creative resistance against street harassment
on 7th August, by Nelly

  Are you tired of boring talk and lip service about ending street/sexual harassment? Well, Young…

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