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Gender equality in the film industry
on 5th December, by Nelly

My name is Fiona Adhiambo from Kisumu, Kenya. I am a 25 year old professional photographer,…

Egyptian girl dies during banned female genital mutilation operation
on 31st May, by Nelly

Egyptian prosecutors are investigating the death of a teenage girl during a female genital mutilation operation…

Egypt’s first convicted FGM doctor Fadl loses licence
on 26th February, by Nelly

A court in Egypt has finally revoked the licence of a doctor found guilty last year…

Young African Women in Leadership Voluntary Application Form
on 17th February, by Nelly

The Young African Women in Leadership (YAWL) is looking for talented young African women to join…

Young Somali activist sentenced to death for being a lesbian
on 4th February, by Nelly

How a young Somali activist for women’s rights fled her homeland after she was outed as…

Gambia parliament passes bill which bans female genital mutilation
on 8th January, by Nelly

Gambia’s parliament has passed a bill which bans female genital mutilation (FGM). The development follows pronouncements…

Aya Chebbi: Redefining Feminist Narratives in Tunisia
on 23rd October, by Nelly

Aya Chebbi is an award winning Pan-African feminist activist and blogger. In recognition of her achievements,…

#FeesMustFall Student protests force us to look in the mirror
on 22nd October, by Nelly

  Photo credit: Imraan Christian In the past few days, students at the University of Witswatersrand…

The girls aiming to change Africa: young activists speak out
on 2nd September, by Nelly

Five activists from countries across Africa talk about the issues that affect their lives, from disability…

Sudan: Young Woman Risks 20 Lashes for ‘Indecent Dressing’ + Fine – UN Experts Urge Sudan to Overturn “Outrageous Conviction”
on 28th August, by Nelly

Arrested Sudan Student-Ferdoos Eltoum, Age 19 – Photo: Morning Star News GENEVA (28 August 2015) –…

The Violence of Women’s Month Campaigns
on 7th August, by Nelly

Danielle Bowler* talks about how she dreads the wave of campaigns that have become associated with

African Women’s Day from a young African feminist perspective
on 30th July, by Nelly

African Women’s Day is celebrated annually on July 31. The day marks the first Pan-African Women’s…

Yellow Fever: Young Kenyan artist uses animated film to expose detrimental effects of Eurocentric standards of beauty on women of colour
on 20th May, by Nelly

Yellow Fever: FULL from Ng’endo Mukii on Vimeo. Young Kenyan animator and film director Ng’endo Mukii…

Young South African student’s inspiring speech
on 9th April, by Nelly

Philippi High addresses Azania House about the struggle for decent education. Posted by UCT: Rhodes Must…

The feminist books that inspired us – Part 1
on 26th February, by Nelly

Time and time again, books have been a source of inspiration, and learning. A good book…

African Young Women & Girls Statement – Beijing + 20 – Our Rights, Our Future: A Shared Responsibility
on 2nd February, by Nelly

Click on the image below to read the full 4-Page African Young Women & Girls Beijing…

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