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Safe urban spaces for women in New Delhi
on 18th June, by Lea Goelnitz

By: Lea Goelnitz, a 26 years old feminist activist Street harassment is a strategy to scare…

Street Harassment: Once a Problem, Now a Crime
on 18th June, by Supriya Shrestha

by Supriya Shrestha, St. Mary’s Higher Sec. School, Kathmandu, Nepal Domestic violence, sexual harassment, mental violence,…

Call for Applications: 6th CSBR Institute
on 13th May, by Ghadeer Malek

      Submission Deadline June 12th, 2013 As the only international network working on sexual…

Call for Participation: International Women’s Day March on March 8, 2013 For a Life Free from Violence Against Women and Girls!
on 20th February, by Ghadeer Malek

During the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57), taking place at…

Rape in India, Rape Everywhere: The struggle for gender equality is universal!
on 24th January, by Ghadeer Malek

Please read and endorse the below statement written by some young feminist activists from around the

Getting to Zero: VAMP, Sex workers collective working on HIV/AIDS
on 30th November, by Ghadeer Malek

Sangeeta Ramu Manoji is a young womanwho works as an outreach worker for VAMP (Veshya Anyay…

AWID Diaries – The uncomfortable self-examination of a young woman’s leadership
on 31st October, by Ishita Chaudry

(A series of thoughts felt during AWID, with not much strategy, but just mostly heart.) by:…

Rallies planned to support Pussy Riot
on 15th August, by Nelly

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The global campaign to free Pussy Riot is gaining speed: Supporters of…

A (not-so-little) note from Ishita
on 26th July, by Ishita Chaudry

By: Ishita Chaudhry, Co-Founder & CEO, The YP Foundation “Why sometimes, I’ve believed as many

The Private is Political But My Body is Not Owned by the State
on 28th June, by Charlotte Soulary

The last weeks have been restless in defending body’s rights, and it seems that politicians from…

Young feminists from Afghanistan shares her VOICE!
on 21st April, by Nelly

Lily Womble is a college student from Mississippi who is very passionate about gender justice and…

The Girl Effect: gender debate or a means to an end?
on 22nd December, by Rabia Waqar

By Rabia Waqar* When the girl effect video went viral on the internet, my first reaction…

Thoughts on the Girl Effect Campaign
on 22nd December, by Akhila Kolisetty

By Akhila Kolisetty*Thoughts on the Girl Effect Campaign from Akhila on Vimeo. *Akhila Kolisetty

Making women's right, a human right, in Burma
on 8th November, by Shunn Lei Swe Yee

Shunn Lei's "Half the Sky" By Shunn Lei Swe Yee * I am Shunn Lei Swe…

'Reaching out' in Sri Lanka
on 8th November, by Shifani Reffai

By Shifani Reffai * ‘Feminist activist’! The term sounds absolutely intimidating. Actually, I had no intention…

Questioning what "being a girl" means in rural Nepal
on 8th November, by Sunita Basnet

Sunita By Sunita Basnet * Having been born and brought up as an eldest daughter in…

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