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Pinkwashing Israel in Germany and the Difficulty of Speaking out
on 20th June, by Nelly

During the last few years we have witnessed the mass displacement of millions upon millions of…

Lesbiennes, bi, trans, afro-féministes, travailleuses du sexe… L’autre manif du 8 mars
on 8th March, by Nelly

Dimanche, diverses associations et collectifs – LGBT, pro-travailleurs du sexe, afro-féministes… – ont défilé dans les…

From National to Global Agenda and Why We Should Be There at All Levels
on 26th September, by Nelly

I first heard about Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the age of 19. To be honest,…

When a Small Bunch of Young Women Envision Peace
on 25th September, by Nelly

We are a small bunch. We are a group of young women from Bosnia and Herzegovina.…

Portugal tightens abortion laws, forcing women to pay to end pregnancies
on 24th July, by Nelly

Women will also be required to have counselling before a termination, in a move pro-choice campaigners…

Meet one of the young women activists who died in Suruc, Turkey
on 23rd July, by Nelly

Before she was killed by a suicide bomber, before her Instagram photos were shared and liked…

Creatively addressing street harassment in Italy: a “me” that became an active “we”
on 3rd June, by Nelly

I realized I was not alone in experiencing and in detesting street harassment through a tweet…

Learning from the  Girls Advisory Board
on 12th December, by Nelly

I am a middle aged feminist. It was at some meeting of the International Network of…

An Open Letter to the Feminists of My Life: Grandmothers, Mothers, and Sisters
on 10th December, by Nelly

I feel that all the activism that I have done during the last ten years, all…

Job Posting: Interim Programme Officer for Money at Mama Cash
on 19th June, by Ghadeer Malek

Source: Mama Cash Mama Cash is looking for an Interim Programme Officer for its ‘Money’ portfolio,…

Hollaback! Hull University
on 6th June, by Nelly

by: Hollaback! Hull University – Juliette Sanchez-Lambert When we met at Hull University to study, we,…

Does This Sexist, Violent Video Make You Want to Vote?
on 14th May, by Nelly

Source: Global Voices Online Denmark’s government has officially retracted a violent and pornographic animated video [warning:…

on 25th April, by Ghadeer Malek

**Deadline for application: May 9th, 2014** FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is recruiting passionate and…

This WEDNESDAY, 19th of March: 'Guests on the Wire' session on Women's Rights in the Post-2015 Agenda
on 17th March, by Ghadeer Malek

**Registration is now closed. If you have registered and have not received instructions yet, please email

How SRHR led me to Post-2015
on 14th March, by Zoe Nussy

By Zoë Nussy 25 years of age, a full-time graduate student, and finally travelling to New…

Grassroots Women’s Voices at the Forefront: Insights from an Armenian young feminist at the CSW58
on 12th March, by Anna Nikoghosyan

By Anna Nikoghosyan* Many people think they cannot change what is happening around them, from the…

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