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Video: Interview with Amina Wadud
on 4th November, by Ghadeer Malek

Interviewed by Deviant Productions in Toronto, Amina Wadood, feminist Islamic theologian, talks about her experiences leading…

Young Egyptian revolutionary addresses Occupy Wall Street
on 25th October, by Nelly

26 year-old Egyptian revolutionary, Asmaa Mahfouz, flew in from Cairo to address the Occupy Wall Street…

Toronto police blame young women for their victimization (again!)
on 13th October, by Nelly

Source: Stop Street Harassment How would you feel if someone violated your privacy and space by…

Finding a space for Young Researchers in the “Conference Circuit”
on 16th September, by Nelly

By Ani Colekessian* So here it is, my entry into the “Conference Circuit.” Upon receiving my…

Training a new generation of feminist activists
on 17th August, by Nelly

Source: Feministing By: Courtney The UK Guardian reports that a 500-person “Feminista summer school” just wrapped…

The Beautiful Game and the Politics of Space
on 2nd August, by Ghadeer Malek

On the 17th of July 2011, the Japanese women’s soccer team scored the winning goal of…

Young Women’s Representation at Women’s Worlds 2011
on 23rd July, by Nelly

Source: The Shameless blog By: Julia Horel-O’Brien As our readers may be aware, the Women’s Worlds…

"A Gay Girl in Damascus" aka "Amina" story and its repercussions
on 16th June, by Nelly

Amina Arraf, the Syrian lesbian blogger who purportedly penned the blog, “A gay girl in Damascus”…

Don’t Call Them “Post-Racial.” Millennials Say Race Matters to Them
on 15th June, by Nelly

Source: Colorlines is a daily news site offering award-winning reporting, analysis, and solutions to today’s

Video: A Response To Beyonce By A Young Feminist
on 25th May, by Ghadeer Malek

Are you one of those people who thinks that North American culture has normalized sexism in…

A New Resource: International Museum of Women (IMOW): Young Women Speaking the Economy!
on 6th May, by Ghadeer Malek

Source: International Museum of Women (IMOW) It’s no secret that the global economic crisis has affected…

Resource: Grant Writing Video
on 6th May, by Ghadeer Malek

This grant writing video by Artreach, an arts-youth  funding program in Toronto, shares tip on grant…

Judy Rebick: Feminism’s many successes don’t mean the job is yet done
on 8th March, by Ghadeer Malek

National Post March 5, 2011 – 7:35 am By Judy Rebick At a moment in history…

on 15th February, by Ghadeer Malek

YOUTH ZONES is a film and poetry initiative by Lisa Russell for UNFPA and the Women’s…

Youth Zones [UNFPA Video]
on 7th February, by Ghadeer Malek

YOUTH ZONES is a film and poetry initiative by Lisa Russell for UNFPA and the Women’s…

MTV’s shockingly good abortion special
on 2nd February, by Ghadeer Malek

The network that brought us “Teen Mom” tackles one of television’s trickiest taboos. Amazingly, they nail…

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