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Take Action To End The Gender Technology Gap
on 27th January, by Nelly

Women and girls have the power and ingenuity to ignite change—but not unless they are equal…

Respectability Politics: A Bane of Zimbabwean Women’s Organising?
on 23rd January, by Nelly

Photo credit: Nelly Bassily I realise that many people will most likely be familiar with respectability…

Urgent Action: Release ‘the 17’ women in el Salvador
on 21st January, by Nelly

A series of pardon requests for a group of 17 Salvadoran women jailed with extremely long…

Job offer: Teen Talk Program Youth Health Educator/Peer Support Worker
on 9th January, by Nelly


on 15th December, by Ghadeer Malek

#ICommit: What does it take to effectively organize across generations? “There is no other way of

AGE AND ACTIVISM: Some reflections on my experience
on 15th December, by Ghadeer Malek

First written: 7 October 2010 I grew up in India’s deeply age-hierarchical society and culture, and…

On Air Activism: The Feminist Magazine Collective
on 12th December, by Nelly

In 2012 I found myself on Facebook reading through posts that were shared by various feminist…

Learning from the  Girls Advisory Board
on 12th December, by Nelly

I am a middle aged feminist. It was at some meeting of the International Network of…

The Heart and Soul of Multigenerational Organizing: Dialoguing through Archives
on 11th December, by Nelly

In February 2011, the Coalition of Feminist Organizations; a coalition of more than 15 Egyptian women…

An Open Letter to the Feminists of My Life: Grandmothers, Mothers, and Sisters
on 10th December, by Nelly

I feel that all the activism that I have done during the last ten years, all the…

Sign-up for our Guests on the Wire 2-part Series on Security & Self-care
on 3rd December, by Ghadeer Malek

**Registration for these sessions is now closed** The YFA Program at AWID and FRIDA | The…

When offline harassment meets online harassment: dismantling patriarchy is gruelling work
on 31st October, by Nelly

[View the story “When offline harassment meets online harassment: dismantling patriarchy is gruelling work” on Storify]…

Seven Egyptian women’s human rights defenders sentenced to 3 years in prison
on 26th October, by Nelly

On 26 October 2014, the verdict of the case known as the Ittihadia Presidential Palace was…

To all Hong Kong Women and Girls: Be Fearless!
on 22nd October, by Nelly

On 28th September, Clara and Po-Yee went to this area, known as Wan Chai, to protest.…

Claiming rights, facing fire: young feminist activists
on 20th October, by Nelly

Young women protest against the disappearance of students. Ayotzinapa, Mexico.Photo: Adriana García |Antonio Cortés, El Heraldo.…

Malala Yousafzai’s journey from Pakistani schoolgirl to peace symbol
on 10th October, by Nelly

LONDON, Oct 10 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Malala Yousafzai’s journey from Pakistani schoolgirl to Nobel Peace…

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