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This WEDNESDAY, 19th of March: 'Guests on the Wire' session on Women's Rights in the Post-2015 Agenda
on 17th March, by Ghadeer Malek

**Registration is now closed. If you have registered and have not received instructions yet, please email

How SRHR led me to Post-2015
on 14th March, by Zoe Nussy

By Zoë Nussy 25 years of age, a full-time graduate student, and finally travelling to New…

Grassroots Women’s Voices at the Forefront: Insights from an Armenian young feminist at the CSW58
on 12th March, by Anna Nikoghosyan

By Anna Nikoghosyan* Many people think they cannot change what is happening around them, from the…

Will the new global development paradigm do anything to improve the lives of young women?
on 11th March, by Oriana Uribe

By Oriana López Uribe* It is difficult to write about this year’s CSW theme because the post-2015…

on 10th March, by Ani Colekessian

By Ani Colekessian* What is the CSW, What are the MDGs and What’s this Post-2015 Agenda

International Women's Day Special: BoxGirls Kenya
on 8th March, by Nelly

Photo credit: BoxGirls Kenya Cynthia Coredo is the Program Director at BoxGirls Kenya. Boxgirls Kenya is…

Why do we need an International Women's Day?
on 8th March, by Ghadeer Malek

International Women’s Day celebrations in Seoul. Photograph: Truth Leem/Reuters Source: The Guardian Four gender-equality campaigners share…

Call for Solidarity: Tweet to help young women's voices be heard at #CSW58
on 7th March, by Ghadeer Malek

from RESURJ Dear Young Feminist Wire members, Amina Doherty, former FRIDA coordinator, Young Feminist Wire member,…

Apply for the AWDF Creative Non Fiction Workshop for African Women
on 6th March, by Nelly

Source: African Women’s Development Fund The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) will be holding a creative…

Join FRIDA in Supporting Young Feminist Activism this International Women's Day
on 4th March, by Ghadeer Malek Dear Young Feminist Wire members, This International Women’s Day, FRIDA, the Young Feminist Fund has…

Call for Solidarity: We, the Women, are in Taksim in Istanbul on the 8th of March!
on 4th March, by Ghadeer Malek

Dear Young Feminist Wire members, Below is a statement by the Istanbul Feminist Collective announcing and…

Are women's movements a force for change? – podcast by The Guardian
on 24th February, by Ghadeer Malek

Global Development Podcast banner from The Guardian Dear Young Feminist Wire members, This month’s Global development…

Take Back the Tech Digital Love Story: Love in the Times of the Internet
on 18th February, by Ghadeer Malek

Source: Take Back the Tech Taken from Take Back the Tech…

An interview with Feminist Style: Challenging rape culture one consent-themed underwear at a time
on 18th February, by Nelly

Amulya Sanagavarapu is the brainchild behind Feminist Style. She started Feminist Style because she wants to…

The Young feminist Wire salutes actress Ellen Page's speech during the Human Rights Campaign conference.
on 18th February, by Nelly

Actress Ellen Page made a beautiful speech during the Time to Thrive Human Rights Campaign conference.…

Qahera – The hijabi superheroine (kicking misogyny's butt since 2013)
on 14th February, by Nelly

It’s not everyday you read a comic-strip where the superheroine says in a speech bubble: “I…

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