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Economic Power Resource Page

This page represents the YFA Program ongoing effort to share resources, tools, articles, and analysis on economic power and its impact on young women. In addition to theresources page on the AWID Forum website, this page highlights resources found thus far that specifically speak to young women and economic power.

This page will be updated regularly with more resources, so please keep checking the page regularly for updates. If you have suggestions for resources to add to this page, please email us at

Click HERE to visit the resources page on the AWID Forum website which will include more information and analysis.

Studies and Research Publications:

1) Can Economic Empowerment Reduce Vulnerability of Girls and Young Women to HIV?

2) Youth Employment: youth perspectives on the pursuit of decent work in changing times

News Stories:

1) Urban Women Confront Old Attitudes Toward Education and Employment in India

2) Center Aims to Empower Young Women in Remote Region of Ghana

3) Liberian Women Look to Family Planning to Stay in School, Strengthen Businesses

Guides and Journals:

1) Gender Responsive Budgeting

2) Feminist Economics

3) International Association of Feminist Economics


1) Voices of Youth on Social Justice



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