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Book: Working Across Generations offers a comprehensive look at the leadership and generational shifts in the nonprofit sector. The book presents ideas and gives practical advice on how to approach generational changes in leadership so that the contributions of long-time leaders are valued, new and younger leaders’ talent is recognized, and groups are better prepared to work across generational divides.

Paper: Listening to Each Other: A Multigenerational Feminist Dialogue is one of a series of four global dialogues held by Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action (CREA). The series was born out of a range of conversations that have taken place over the last two years among women’s rights advocates, policymakers, donors, and organizers from the Global South. This paper is based on the a meeting held in 2007 in collaboration with CREA, the Centre for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) and the Youth Coalition for Sexual Reproductive Rights (YC). Participants discussed the gaps that exist between different generations of feminists working on women’s human rights issues and the challenges of broadening and renewing feminist movements. The meeting also explored obstacles to and opportunities for multigenerational alliances and collaboration.

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