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Reflecting on Our Spaces at the CSW
on 18th May, by Ghadeer Malek

By Margot Baruch & Keely Swan April 2010 As young women working in a feminist and…

Blogging Initiative Amplifies Voices of Young Arab Women
on 14th April, by Ghadeer Malek

As women’s rights activists, we often talk about the role that young women play in sustaining…

"Hook-up culture's" bad rap
on 4th March, by Ghadeer Malek

It isn’t casual sex that’s damaging young women’s lives. It’s insisting they become exactly What Men…

Taking on the Sexist Revival
on 27th February, by Ghadeer Malek

Source: Irish Times 30th January 2010 Is it time for feminism to take itself more seriously…

Cross about Cross-Dressing
on 26th February, by Ghadeer Malek

Is it a wicked Western habit that should be stopped? Source: The Economist Illustration by Claudio…

Minority of Emirati Women still Struggle to Work and Study
on 26th February, by Ghadeer Malek

Source: Gulf Daily News By Rania Moussly 31st January 2010 As the UAE’s drive for Emiratisation…

Directory of Young Women’s NGOs in the Arab Region
on 24th February, by Ghadeer Malek

Source: Youth Non-Governmental Organizations Directory Network The attached directory provides an overview of prominent non-governmental organizations…

Leadership Program: 2010 Moremi Leadership and Development Fellows Program for Young African Women Leaders
on 23rd February, by Ghadeer Malek

Deadline: March 31st, 2010 Call for applications- 2010 MILEAD Fellows Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in…

Young Migrant Women in Secondary Education
on 12th February, by Ghadeer Malek

The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) has received a grant from the European Commission European…

Video: How to Use Twitter To Effect Social Change
on 11th February, by Ghadeer Malek

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